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 Discover an ancient European tradition

The European Christmas markets date back to the late middle ages. Originating in Germany, Christmas markets are now popular through much of Europe and take on all shapes and sizes. The skill is to determine which are the most important to visit.

Salzburg Christmas markets

Salzburg’s Christmas market, mentioned as far back as the 15th century, is located at the foot of the Hohensalzburg fortress and around the venerable Cathedral of Salzburg.

Rothenburg Christmas Markets

Rothenburg is home to the most romantic Christmas markets in Germany. Known for its medieval setting, Rothenburg is a walled city that has been left largesly untouched for hundreds of years. With impressive medieval architecture it is the perfect setting for Christmas Markets.

Vienna Christmas Markets


The Christmas Markets in Vienna truly are an age-old tradition. The forerunners of the present-day events date back to 1298. With 150 stands in front of the Rathausplatz, a fairytale atmosphere with rows and rows of decorations, sweets and warming drinks.

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